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Allink Neutral Provider strengthens Santos Brasil´s NVOCC customer portfolio 03/01/18 15:30

Santos Brasil was selected by Allink Neutral Provider (a company recognized for its experience and tradition in LCL cargo consolidation, and now also in air cargo) as its main provider of port logistics services in the Port of Santos. The new customer strengthens the Company´s portfolio in the NVOCC (Non Vessel Operator Common Carrier) market.

Cargo handling and storage, road transportation between ports (DTA), as well as consolidation and deconsolidation processes, are part of Santos Brasil´s scope of work. It took two years of negotiations to sign the partnership with Allink, one of the largest NVOCC companies in the country and in the Port of Santos.

According to the Santos Brasil Commercial Director for Logistics Operations Wagner Toffoli, investments were made in technology and specialized labor for the exclusive services to be provided to the new client.

In terms of technology, the highlight is in the deployment of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), which includes smart tags. Small chips (transponders) are being placed in Allink cargo for automatic data capture, enabling real-time identification - no longer requiring manual and individual barcode scanning.

"We provide agility for tracking cargo and in the operation, increasing our logistics capacity - not to mention security, which is an essential requirement for any client. In Allink´s case, when we receive cargo, in a matter of seconds, each label shows us, for example, the destination of the goods, streamlining the stuffing process", says the Santos Brasil Commercial Director for Logistics Operations.

"Allink selected us because of our structure, the services offered, and essentially the similarities in both companies´ management models based on innovation, technology, and a high level of corporate governance. These factors were key to closing the contract", Toffoli explained.

"When selecting a partner, we make an in-depth assessment. Our main focus for the decision is excellence in client services, the experience that we can provide when contracting our services and, above all, partnering with serious and trustworthy companies with the same philosophy and values that are rooted in our DNA", says Allink Commercial Director André Gobersztejn.

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