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Santos Brasil acquires new equipment for Tecon Vila do Conde 12/01/18 19:00

Santos Brasil has already started purchasing new equipment for modernizing its container terminal in Vila do Conde, located in the city of Barcarena (96 km from the Pará State capital Belém). The equipment is expected to arrive between the first and second quarter of this year, increasing the terminal´s operational efficiency.

The equipment already purchased includes an MHC (Mobile Harbor Crane); a Reach Stacker for empty containers; two Reach Stacker type forklifts for full containers, and ten trucks for quayside operations.

The acquisitions are part of Tecon Vila do Conde´s expansion and modernization project, which projects investments of R$ 37.2 million over the next two years, totaling R$ 129.04 million by 2033*.

The new investments are fundamental for the terminal to be capable of meeting the growing demand for containerized cargo handling and storage in the port and ensure continuity of the quality in the services provided. The project will increase the terminal´s handling capacity to 163,000 TEU/year.

Since the approval of the early extension of the term of the lease of Tecon Vila do Conde for a further 15 years, which took place on November 16, 2017, the company strived to obtain the necessary approvals from the authorities for the investments to begin as soon as possible, which took place formally on December 21.

Tecon Vila do Conde has shown solid growth. It is strategically located in the Amazon River Delta, in a region of great waterway capillarity and proximity to the main international sea routes, with access to all continents directly, or through transshipment ports in the Caribbean.

Santos Brasil has already invested more than R$ 133.8 million in Vila do Conde in expansion and improvement of the facilities, operational optimization, technology, workforce training and equipment since 2008, when it acquired the company that was leasing the terminal.


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