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    Santos Brasil supports internal and external sustainable development initiatives. The goal is to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. For this reason, the company´s objectives include programs for reducing indicators such as carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, as well as releasing only treated effluents into water bodies. In addition, all the company´s operating units adopt an ISO 14001-based management system.


    Green Fleet Program

    The Green Fleet Program is part of Santos Brasil´s Sustainability strategy, which in recent years has reduced greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. Since the end of 2014, the relative reduction (per kilometer traveled by company vehicles) was approximately 6.5%.

    We have already invested more than R$ 21 million in modernizing our own fleet of more than 150 trucks, prioritizing operationally and environmentally efficient vehicles. The process called ´Green Purchasing´ for acquiring new trucks choses models equipped with the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust gas post-treatment system, which follows Conama (National Environment Council) standards.

    Currently, 100% of the truck fleet uses S-10 diesel fuel, which releases less sulfur into the atmosphere. In addition, more than 70% of the vehicles in the fleet already meet the Euro 5 standard that establishes emission reduction in diesel-powered vehicles.

    Sustainable Driver Program

    In the Sustainable Driver Program, we encourage our drivers to be jointly responsible for conscientious fuel usage and for reducing the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. This control takes place monthly, through monitoring and disclosure of each driver´s average fuel consumption. Recognition of the most efficient employees includes a financial bonus.

    Effluent and Waste Management

    We continually seek best practices in waste management, certifying suppliers and monitoring final destination, in order to prevent impacts to the environment.

    Tecon Santos´s sanitary effluents are treated at an Effluent Treatment Station (ETE) prior to disposal. Meanwhile, the unit´s oily effluents are also treated at the company´s own physical-chemical station.

    We have tertiary treatment systems that enable reuse of water in toilets, gardens and for washing equipment. We also use rainwater to wash machinery at the workshop.

    We also carry out selective garbage collection in order to reduce waste generation at the company´s operating units and administrative offices.

    Environmental Journey


    This is an Environmental Education Program that also involves the communities benefited by actions of our employees, who are qualified to act as multiplier agents. The topics addressed for raising internal and external audience awareness include the rational use of natural resources, recycling, and correct waste disposal.

    In all, we have trained more than 250 employees to act as multiplier agents.


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