Santos Brasil is committed to operating in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and strives for transparency in its relationship with all its audiences. In order to express this commitment and regulate its application, the company has three important tools: the Code of Conduct, the Compliance Policy, and the Confidential Portal.

IThe impartial and transparent Confidential Portal is a reporting channel administrated by an independent company, for the purpose of protecting the rights and confidentiality of users who report a fact, ensuring anonymity and information integrity. There is no way to track the system´s users.

Employees have an exclusive link for sending suggestions for improving the Company´s management or for making denunciations, while remaining anonymous.

  • Employees, access here
  • Non-employees, access here
  • Track your report using the message number and password access here
  • Track the statistics of the messages (updated through the previous month), with the same login and password used for sending the report. (exclusively for employees) access here
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