Santos Brasil is committed to operating in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and strives for transparency in its relationship with all its audiences. In order to express this commitment and regulate its application, the company has three important tools: the Code of Conduct, the Compliance Policy, and the Confidential Portal.

  • Santos Brasil offers its employees, consultants, managers, directors and business partners an independent channel to report any violations, complaints, questions and suggestions, and guarantees the confidentiality of the whistleblower/complainant during the entire process of using the channel. No retaliation or intimidation will be tolerated, under any circumstance, of employees, consultants, managers, directors and business partners who report, in good faith, any violations of the Code of Conduct and other rules established by Santos Brasil.

    Reports, complaints, questions and suggestions can be submitted through the following channels:
    Website: or Telephone: 0800 800 0818 or Through the Viva Voz app.


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