Santos Brasil is recognized as a reference in port container operations in Brazil. It is a publicly traded company listed on the B3 Novo Mercado that offers its clients complete logistics solutions, from Port to Door.

The Company operates five strategically located sea terminals, three of which are container terminals - Tecon Santos (Port of Santos in São Paulo State), Tecon Vila do Conde (Porto of Barcarena, in Pará State) and Tecon Imbituba (Port of Imbituba, in Santa Catarina State), as well as the TCG Imbituba general cargo terminal (Imbituba City, in Santa Catarina State), and TEV, an exclusively vehicle handling terminal at the Port of Santos in São Paulo State.

The Company´s logistics structure includes two Bonded Industrial Logistics Centers (Santos and Guarujá) and a Distribution Center in São Bernardo do Campo (in the greater São Paulo area), in addition to its own road transportation fleet. All this to enable offering customized services to importers and exporters by meeting specific demands of customers in different segments (chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, auto parts and consumer goods).


Our strategy is to enable a logistics chain that increases our client´s competitiveness, ensures generation of value for shareholders, and contributes to the country¿s social and economic development through efficient, agile and safe services, while respecting individuals and the environment.


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