Commitment to the
future of society

Santos Brasil, signatory of the UN Global Compact since 2013,
is aligned with the Sustainable Development
Goals and has already assumed, among its main challenges,
the commitment of actively contributing to the conservation
of the environment and human development.

In order to guide our sustainable strategy and direct our day to day operations, we elaborated the Sustainability Policy for the Company, based on environmental, social, and corporate governance standards (ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance). The result of this effort is the inclusion of shares from Santos Brasil in the debut portfolio of the S&P/B3 Brasil ESG Index, jointly elaborated by S&P Dow Jones Indexes and B3 S.A.

Led by our Director-President, we also structured and maintained a Sustainability Committee, responsible for defining socio-environmental goals and monitoring all actions we developed for the reduction of CO2 emissions, water and residue management, and strengthening of security culture. For that, we use specific indicators which allow us to evaluate the range and extent of the goals and to identify advances and opportunities for improvement.

We annually present our economic, social and environmental results to the relevant stakeholders in a transparent and objective way.

Actions developed by Santos Brasil with a focus on sustainable development goals in three concerns: Environmental, Social and Governance. 1 Environmental: Telemetry in hydrometers; Treatment of effluents; Chargers for electric vehicles; Solar panels, LED lamps, Management of CO2 emissions; Management of residues and hydric resources; Environmental certifications; Management of environmental indicators; Programs for environmental education; Beach cleaning. 2 Social: Consciousness-raising campaigns; Vaccination campaigns; Gympass; Formare program; Online training; Green Belt education; Actions for development and well-being of the employee; GPTW Certification; Zero Accident campaign, Partnership with social, educational and sports projects. 3 Governance: Idea collection platform; Investments in infrastructure and technology; Participation in Agenda 21 and CMDCA; Relationship with the community; Na Mão Certa program; Compliance program; Multisectoral partnerships with institutions.
  • Telemetry in hydrometers
  • Effluent treatment stations
  • Chargers for electric vehicles
  • Solar panels in the alarm system
  • Led lamps
  • CO2 Emissions Management
  • Waste and water resources management
  • Environmental certifications
  • Management of environmental indicators
  • Environmental Education Programs
  • Beach cleaning
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Vaccination campaigns
  • Health and wellness platform (Gympass)
  • Formare Program
  • Internal online training platform
  • Green Belt Formation
  • Employee development and well-being actions
  • Great Place to Work Certification
  • Zero Accident Campaign
  • Partnerships with social, educational and sporting projects
  • Internal platform for sending ideas
  • Investments in infrastructure and technology
  • Participation in Agenda 21 and CMDCA
  • Community relationship
  • Na Mão Certa Program
  • Compliance Program
  • Partnerships with multi-sector and sustainable institutions

Environment: Commitment with future

It is our responsibility to contribute to the conservation of the environment. Therefore, we constantly improve our environmental management standards by following and controlling greenhouse gas (GHC) emissions, water consumption, and residue generation in our units.

With that monitoring, operations are rigorously controlled and meet the applicable legislative standards, besides being audited and certified by the relevant international bodies.


Main environmental indicators:

28,5% 15,3% Selectivecollection and reverselogistics in waterconsumption in the emission ofof CO2 in theatmosphere 40% in the generationof residuesin all units Effluent treatment,water collectionand reuse Best gradein the sector in theCDP questionnaire
28,5% 15,3% Selectedcollection and reverselogistics in water consumption in the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere 40% in the generation of residues in all units Waste matter treatment,water impoundingand reuse Best grade in the sector in the CDP questionnaire

2020-2024 reduction goal

Fifty percent reduction in waste generation,  Thirty percent reduction in water consumption, and  Fifteen percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
Green Fleet - 6 Highlights:  1 - Constant investments in fleet renewal and modernization. 2 - Seventy percent of vehicles meet the Euro 5 standard (European standard for regulating the emission of pollutants for diesel vehicles) 3 - Vehicles equipped with a gas after-treatment system (SCR) 4 - Vehicles have high-tech devices to control consumption and CO2 emissions 5 - We use Diesel S10 6 - Renewal of one hundred percent of the fleet by 2025 Green Fleet - 6 Highlights:  1 - Constant investments in fleet renewal and modernization. 2 - Seventy percent of vehicles meet the Euro 5 standard (European standard for regulating the emission of pollutants for diesel vehicles) 3 - Vehicles equipped with a gas after-treatment system (SCR) 4 - Vehicles have high-tech devices to control consumption and CO2 emissions 5 - We use Diesel S10 6 - Renewal of one hundred percent of the fleet by 2025
Social responsability

37 sports projects
(Federal Law of Incentive to Sports and Promifae)

10 cultural projects
(Federal and Municipal Law of Incentive to Culture)

1 project supported through PRONAS (National Support Program for Health Care for People with Disabilities)

Human development

Santos Brasil structures and supports social inclusion initiatives
selected by the company with the objective of broadening opportunities
for access to education, culture and sports, and for the promotion
of citizenship and local development.

Through the Human Rights Policy, we also establish basic guidelines for respecting, promoting, and preserving essential rights in our relationships with the entire value chain.

In 2024, Santos Brasil will support 48 initiatives through incentive laws, impacting approximately 60 thousand people living near our operational areas. More than R$ 4 million will be invested during the year.

Learn some more about the initiatives
aligned to our Sustainability Strategy:

Formare Apprentice

In a partnership with the Iochpe Foundation, Santos Brasil maintains the Formare Aprendiz Programme, which offers a course of Administrative Assistant in the Port Area for young people in a socio-economic vulnerability situation. It is acknowledged by the Ministry of Work and Employment.

Since 2009, we have already educated more than 291 young people preparing them for the port and logistic operations market. Out of 291, 110 students were contracted to act in different sectors of Santos Brasil itself. This course has a duration of 15 months and technical and theoretical classes are administered by voluntary employees at Tecon Santos.

I Am Volunteer

Since 2008, the Company has maintained the "I am Volunteer" program, through which it encourages employees to donate their time and talent to projects and volunteer actions developed and supported by Santos Brasil.

In 2023, 340 employees participated in actions and projects, totaling 1,248 hours of volunteer work.

Tecon Santos
Social: Preservation of health and security of all

Investment in human development, preservation of health and security of our stakeholders are some of the pillars of Santos Brasil. In order to provide our professionals and partners with healthy and secure environments, the company invests in programmes and training with an emphasis on quality of life, improvement of working conditions and prevention of accidents.

Preservação da saúde e da segurança de todos

Security in practice

Operational Safety Records,  Seventy-one percent reduction in the number of accidents with lost time,  One hundred percent reduction in the accident severity index and  Safety Point Observation (OPS), Risk Management Program


More than 1400 hours of training in safety, health and environmental awareness,  Environmental Journey with awareness week for environmental preservation,  One hundred percent of employees trained and committed to work safety and  Annual Training Plan
Santos Brazil Employees
Governance: Commitment
to ethics and transparency

Corporate governance is one of the three pillars, which direct and guide the sustainability strategy at Santos Brasil. We continuously reinforce the culture of transparency and honesty in relation to our partners, always seeking the best solutions and practices for evaluation of impact of our policies and activities. Since 2016, our share have been listed on Novo Mercado [New Market] from B3, which makes us proud and strengthens our commitment to ethical and responsible management.

For this purpose, the company also maintains its Compliance Committee, with a proactive focus on the implementation and execution of the best practices of corporate governance. We respect the policy of disclosure of information and negotiation of mobiliary values based on the standards established by the Mobiliary Values Commission (CVM).

We develop and improve policies and mechanisms to facilitate our decision making at all levels of the company and guide how each one of our employees act, following the vision and values that we adopt, such as our Compliance Policy, Code of Conduct, and Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy.

Learn more on the Ethics and Transparency page.