Santos Brasil seeks to constantly evolve in its relations with its different stakeholders. Our Human Rights Policy establishes basic guidelines for respecting, promoting and preserving essential rights in relationships with clients, employees, suppliers and third parties across our value chain.
The document is aligned with the principles set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Global Compact. It is also in accordance with the Brazilian legislation, with the values agreed internationally by Brazil and with the company´s Compliance and Sustainability policies.

Human Rights Policy - download


Santos Brasil structures and supports social inclusion initiatives with emphasis on education, promoting citizenship, and local development. Find out more about our projects:



In partnership with Fundação Iochpe, Santos Brasil implemented the Formare Aprendiz apprenticeship program, which offers a course recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment for young people at social and economic disadvantage.

The technical and theoretical classes for the Administrative Assistant course are ministered by volunteer staff at our Santos container terminal.

Since 2009, the 15-month course has trained more than 251 young people for the port and logistics market. The Company has hired 86 of those students to work in different sectors.


Through the ´I Am a Volunteer´ Program, Santos Brasil encourages its employees to donate time and talent to volunteer projects and actions developed and supported by the Company. Around 170 employees are currently involved in the program.

In partnership with the São Paulo Volunteer Center and focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we created a volunteer manual that helps employees to put their ideas into practice and make them become a reality in the community.

To encourage employee solidarity, we also organize campaigns to mobilize them throughout the year in actions such as collecting clothes, toys and food.


Since 2012, Santos Brasil encourages its employees to embrace sustainable actions in their routines. To this end, we created the Sustainability Academy, a continued education program that aims to disseminate concepts, and proposes a space for developing dialogue and awareness with key stakeholders.


An institution responsible for the care of some 100 children and adolescents in the Aldeia community in Guarujá, next to the Vehicle Terminal (TEV). The project offers jiu-jitsu classes and social inclusion actions for the families of young people assisted in the community. The partnership also encompasses other initiatives such as social and cultural events, sponsorship of the students who are part of the project at Regional Jiu-Jitsu Championships and several workshops focused on human development.


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